Asha Franco’s DJ mix for When Pigs Fly 2023

If variety is the spice of life, then Asha Franco just delivered the entire spice aisle in her mix for When Pigs Fly 2023. 

The multi-talented musician, curator, and DJ has brought her magic to airwaves, digital ethers, and swamps across Naarm. You’ve probably bore witness to her signature touch before, either through her hotpot curations in the club or via the airwaves, in her show Earth Tones Skylab Radio. 

For this one, we strongly advise: downlights ONLY, shoes OFF and feet UP. It’s an hour packed full of heady, spicy grooves: dub reggae, funk, jazz, Afrobeat and so, so, so much more...

Love begins with listening and we have this one on auto-replay forever. 

Come see Asha Franco doing her thing at our New Year's Eve Festival When Pigs Fly'23

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