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It’s all 4's on the main stage floors this New Year’s Eve with local DJ, host/presenter, platonic match-maker, and all-round Earth digger – Adriana.

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Our long time friend and respected colleague returns to the Paddock as a headliner DJ and as our first ever MC, a dual role that (we think) befits her heavyweight status. 

As a long-time staple of the scene in Birrarung-ga/Naarm (Melbourne), Adriana brings a substantial set of chops, incredible palate, and multifaceted skill set to this year’s offering. From hosting her own PBS show Opalakia; to playing at Freedom Time, Hopkins Creek, et al, and launching the cult favourite groove escapade Spasta and more, there’s not much of the good life left unsampled (or unserved) by Adriana.

We're truly happy (as a pig in mud) to be having Adriana on full vibe duty this year. As uncle Ben almost said: with great power comes great responsibility… and an even greater opa!