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Andras & Oscar

Dream booking incoming! Iconic local duo Andras & Oscar hold a special place in our heart.

Not only are they remarkable artists in their own right – collectively, they’ve soundtracked some of the best moments of our 20's. 

Anyone who’s ever tuned an ear to NTS, boogied in one of Naarm's late night institutions, or set a hoof down within 5km of a certified vibe should recognise the sound of Andras & Oscar – heady, funky, sultry and finely attuned to the rhythm of a good time. This is one of the reasons (among countless others...) that we’ve been begging Andras and Oscar to get the band back together for over 2 years, and we’re over the moon they’ve agreed. 

This NYE marks their first performance together in a long time; there might even be some new music on the cards — you'll have to wait and see! Eclectic, exuberant, and silky all the way through… this is your invitation to make hay while the sun shines and join these 2 for a late night cruise through heaven’s backstreets.