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Chee Shimizu

Chee Shimizu is a true DJ in both name, spirit, word, and deed.

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As the founder of Tokyo’s Organic Music record store, it should come as no surprise to know that Chee's an avid collector and a fanatic who prioritises music first and foremost. 

Chee's spirit, breadth of knowledge, and diverse musical palate are globally renowned, personally resonant, and in total alignment to the WPF ethos. From the man himself: “I realised that music is not just a tool for me, even if I do play [it] as a DJ”. Does it get better than that? (We think not!) 

Bringing in the new year is no mean feat for a DJ – a deep understanding of the crowd, context, and music is required, costing a DJ no less than everything they've got. And if it isn't clear by now, we believe know Chee's the right person for the job.