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Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy

Colleen Cosmo Murphy joins us this New Year’s Eve for her First. Time. Ever, down under!

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Colleen is a dream booking for us. She’s a lifer in all senses: a prolific music educator, curator, presenter, and DJ (among many other talents) with one of the most impressive resumes in music. 

From working with David Mancuso on the Loft parties in NYC (and then helping to bring it to London), to hosting cult favourite shows like Classic Album Sunday and Balearic Breakfast on Worldwide FM, if there’s a pivotal point in dance music history and an important role to play… you can rest assured that Colleen’s (probably definitely) been there and is (most likely, for sure) doing THAT.

Colleen’s unique understanding of music and the histories, cultures, and stories behind each track, embody everything we think is important (and potentially a lost art) in DJ culture. For us she’s the epitome of a legend; and with chops for days, there really is no one more capable of sending us off into the golden rays of 2024 than Colleen.