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Immy Owusu

All hooves are set to groove with magic-maker Immy Owusu taking it away this New Year’s Eve.

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We first came across Immy via the legendary local label Hopestreet Recordings, which turned into watching him launch his debut LP, LO-LIFE! at The Evelyn, which then made our jobs as clear as day. 

Hailing from Torquay, Immy’s latest album is a real feast for the ears – light-footed percussion meets full-hearted vocals meets total-body ascension. For the uninitiated, we highly recommend taking the route of baptism by fire by giving some (all) airtime to his earlier releases like ‘Flashback’ and ‘Brown Supremacy’ as an aperitif to LO-LIFE! 

We could say more, but we'll hold our snouts for now because Immy’s sound and energy are something best experienced in-person.